• What do you donate as an organ donor?

    Organ donation plays an important role in the health care system. Donation saves lives of people who need emergency care and those living with a chronic, critical illness. People of all ages can donate organs, and registering to become an organ donor does not ever impact the medical care you receive. If you have questions about organ donation, talk to your physician, who can explain the process to you. Here is a look at what you can donate if you become an organ donor.


    Organs can be donated via deceased donation and living donation, depending on the specific organs. The following organs can be taken from deceased donors:

    • Heart
    • Liver
    • Both lungs
    • Both kidneys
    • Intestines
    • Pancreas
    • Hands
    • Face

    With living donors, the following organs can be donated:

    • One kidney
    • One lung
    • Part of the pancreas
    • Part of the liver
    • Part of the intestines

    Hand and face donations were added to the organ transplant list in 2014 and are still relatively rare. Only about 125 have been done worldwide, but advances in techniques are making the procedures easier and more effective.


    In some cases, donors provide tissue to recipients. Tissue donation is done after death, and it must be harvested within 24 hours of the death. Once the tissue is retrieved, it can be stored for a long period of time. Tissue that can donated includes:

    • Heart valves
    • Bone
    • Skin
    • Tendons
    • Corneas
    • Middle ear
    • Ligaments

    Blood, bone marrow and stem cells

    Blood, bone marrow and cells can all be donated by living donors. These donations are critical to emergency rooms and critical care units, and it is important for donors from all ethnicities and racial groups to donate, so that patients have access to the appropriate blood type. Living donors can provide these cells:

    • Bone marrow
    • Cord blood stem cells
    • Peripheral blood stem cells
    • Blood
    • Platelets

    Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, like all hospitals, relies on the generosity of donors to provide lifesaving care to our patients. If you are interested in organ donation or have questions about the donation process, talk to a compassionate member of our medical team today. Dial (702) 233-5300 to reach our Las Vegas hospital.