How do you perform a breast self-exam?

An important part of finding breast cancer is in its early stages is performing breast self-exams. Self-exams can be easily performed at home and are instrumental in getting early treatment if you have breast cancer, which can be lifesaving. Performing self-exams is easy and only take a few minutes once per month. These tips will help.

Pick a time
Performing your breast self-exam on the same day every month is helpful. Because your breast tissue can become swollen and sore at different times per month, if you don’t follow a schedule for self-exams, it is more difficult to notice when a change could indicate breast cancer or is just a normal part of your cycle.

As the video discusses, about 10 days after your period is usually a good time. If you do not menstruate, simply pick the same day every month. Writing it down on a calendar will help you to keep track.

Perform a through exam
Start your breast self-exam by visually inspecting your breasts. Look at them in the mirror with your arms by your side, and then raise your arms over your head to inspect them again. Look for puckered or bulging skin, inflammation, or changes in shape, size, or color.

Next, lie down and using the tips of your fingers in a circular motion, examine the entire surface of both breasts. Pay attention to signs of hard, raisin-like lumps under the skin, or any changes in your breast from the previous month.

Lastly, using the same circular motion, examine your breasts in the shower. Look for the same symptoms of lumps and changes.

Call your physician if you notice a change
Report any change in your breast tissue to your physician right away, but don’t panic. In most cases, these changes are not linked to any kind of problem. However, your physician will make sure, so in the case it is breast cancer, you can begin treatment right away.

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