What toys and gifts aren’t safe for babies?

A baby’s delight in all aspects of life is refreshing to see, and playing with young kids allows the adult members of the family to feel young again. During the holiday season, the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center would like to urge caution when selecting gifts for babies, as many of them aren’t safe. Consider talking to your pediatrician about how you can choose safe toys for your child.

Inappropriate age range

The first indicator that a toy might not be appropriate for your child is if the item is recommended for older children. Always check the warning labels and age indications on any gift your child receives. If the toy is intended for older children, you can store it out of reach until your child is old enough to play with it.

Small toy components

Babies love to explore objects with their hands and mouth. Some toys aren’t safe for babies, because they have small parts that can cause a baby to choke. Before letting your baby play with a new toy, check the following:

  • All batteries should be housed in a compartment only accessible via a screwdriver
  • Small parts should be securely attached to the toy
  • All toy parts should be larger than the child’s mouth

To figure out if one part of the toy is too small for your child, try to fit it inside a toilet paper roll. If one part of the toy fits, it’s too small. Use this quick test until your child is at least three years old.

Secondhand toys

Secondhand baby items can help parents stay on budget, but they aren’t always safe. Check that all toys are in good condition, and that all components are securely attached. Additionally, avoid very old toys that might have lead-based paint.

The emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center can rely on the pediatric expertise of Sunrise Children’s Hospital when a child with complex injuries arrives at our ER. Call 911 if your family is affected by a true medical emergency. A registered nurse is available at (702) 233-5300 to answer non-emergent questions from our neighbors in Las Vegas.

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