Don’t Second Guess Stroke Symptoms

Stroke care has benefited from many medical advances over the years, including tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) for ischemic stroke and endovascular procedures for hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. Yet, the success of these treatments in saving lives and facilitating favorable long-term outcomes is highly dependent on the emergency care response. When stroke symptoms are ignored or when patients try to wait for them to resolve, the result can be deadly. The stroke care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center—a Certified Primary Stroke Center—encourages our neighbors throughout Las Vegas to become aware of the signs of stroke and to call for emergency care promptly.

How to Recognize a Stroke
Strokes occur suddenly. When blood flow to the brain is obstructed, the brain tissue begins to die. Functional impairments develop quickly as a result. These impairments often include one-sided weakness or paralysis. Stroke care experts recommend smiling and holding both arms straight out so that they are parallel to the ground. If one side of the smile droops or one arm drifts down, a stroke may be the cause. Other signs and symptoms can include confusion , difficulty walking, slurred speech, visual impairments, and an excruciating headache.

What to Do When Stroke Occurs
Watch this featured video to hear a vascular neurologist at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center explain what patients should do if they suspect they are suffering a stroke. Of course, the most important step to take is to call 911 immediately or use an emergency alert button. If you are able to do so, you should then make sure that emergency responders can get through your door. If you’re having problems walking, stay where you are. Lie down and turn your head to the side. Avoid swallowing anything and never take aspirin for a stroke.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is a Certified Primary Stroke Center that provides a continuum of care from diagnostics and emergency care to accredited inpatient and outpatient neuro-rehabilitation. All medical emergencies like a suspected stroke should be reported to a 911 dispatcher. Non-emergent inquiries about our stroke care in Las Vegas may be directed to a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300.

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