Helping Your Child Recover from Flu

Young children have a higher risk of developing severe symptoms from the flu. They’re also more likely to develop flu-related complications, such as dehydration. These are just two of the reasons why emergency care physicians encourage parents to consider getting their children a flu vaccine each flu season . But if your child does contract the flu this year, you can count on the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to lend a helping hand.

Know when to call the hospital.
Due to the risk of complications, it’s advisable to call the hospital when a child younger than five develops flu-like symptoms. A child of any age who has severe flu symptoms may need medical care. It’s also a good idea to call the doctor when a child of any age with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or asthma has flu symptoms of any severity. Emergency care is needed if a child displays certain symptoms, such as unresponsiveness, bluish skin color, trouble breathing, or a fever with a rash.

Consider asking the doctor about medicines.
If the pediatrician recommends home care for your child, you can ask about the over-the-counter (OTC) medicines that are safe to give your child. Never give children aspirin because of the risk of Reye’s syndrome. The pediatrician might instead recommend an OTC fever reducer labeled for pediatric use. If your child does need to be seen in the hospital, the doctor may prescribe antiviral medications.

Keep your child home from school.
The flu is a serious illness and your child will need plenty of rest while he or she recovers. Keeping your child home from school also protects the well-being of his or her classmates and teachers. Keep your child home from school until at least 24 hours after the symptoms subside without the use of medications.

Encourage your child to stay hydrated.
Children are at a high risk of dehydration while they are ill. The doctor may recommend that giving your child electrolyte beverages. Water, sports drinks, and broth-based soups are also smart choices.

At Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center , you’ll find compassionate care delivered by highly trained family medicine specialists and emergency care physicians. Our hospital in Las Vegas is available 24/7 to treat children suffering from severe flu symptoms and complications. To request a physician referral for a non-emergent health issue, you can call a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300.

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