Choose the Right Footwear to Prevent Falls and Injuries

Many factors can contribute to falls and related injuries. Seniors are at a high risk of falls because of impaired balance, coordination, and vision. Certain types of workplaces can place adults of any age at a higher risk of falls . Since falls are a major cause of emergency care visits and disability in the U.S., it’s worth taking some time to find the right footwear to protect your wellness. And if you do suffer a serious injury in a fall that occurs in the Las Vegas area, you can count on the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Avoiding Unsafe Footwear
These days, it is common knowledge that certain types of shoes can cause health issues. For example, you can watch this featured video to hear an orthopedic surgeon discuss the link between high heels and foot deformities. But high heels can cause other problems, including an increased risk of fall-related injuries. High heels lack stability, making a fall more likely. It can be particularly tricky to walk in high heels on uneven ground, or to ascend or descend stairs. Other types of unsafe footwear include slippers and socks without shoes. Slippers and socks might seem low-risk, but they do not usually offer slip resistance.

Identifying Essential Features
Instead of high heels or slippers, choose a sturdy, well-designed walking shoe to prevent falls. Safe footwear features either no protruding heel or a very low heel. Your shoes should surround your entire foot; avoid backless sandals and slippers. The heel counter should be firm enough to prevent the heel from slipping around within the shoe, and the sole should be slip-resistant.

Ensuring a Good Fit
Footwear that fits you well can help protect you from falling. The shoe should be wide enough to let you wiggle your toes, but snug enough to prevent your foot from slipping around inside the shoe as you walk. When your heel is touching the heel counter, there should be about a thumb-width of space between your toes and the end of the shoe.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is a full-service facility that provides 24/7 emergency care for individuals with fall-related injuries. Residents in the Las Vegas area can also request a physician referral to our exceptional orthopedic care program. Call a registered nurse at our community hospital at (702) 233-5300.

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