• Getting Healthier in the New Year

    The New Year is almost here. Have you made your resolutions yet? Some people resist making resolutions because they haven’t had success with their goals in past years. One effective way to keep your resolutions this year is to focus on becoming the person you want to be, rather than doing things that seem burdensome to you. Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas is proud to be your partner in wellness.

    Be a Non-Smoker
    Quitting smoking is a worthy New Year’s resolution that will improve your health and quality of life in so many ways. Try not to focus too much on the process of quitting, although you might consider talking about smoking cessation methods with a physician. Devote your energy to imagining yourself as a non-smoker and becoming that person. As a non-smoker, your teeth can stay white, your clothes won’t smell of smoke, you’ll have more money in your pocket, and you won’t feel short of breath when doing basic physical activities. All of these benefits can serve as powerful motivation to become a non-smoker.

    Be a Healthy Eater
    Have you ever noticed how healthy eaters seem to have plenty of energy to spare? If you’ve been feeling worn out lately, reinvigorate your life by becoming a healthy eater. Healthy eaters look for opportunities to give their bodies the right balance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other important nutrients. Sugary treats can be an occasional indulgence in limited portions, but you’ll find that the longer you abstain from excess sugar, the less you’ll crave unhealthy foods.

    Be Well-Rested
    Chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation can make a normally cheerful person irritable, cranky, and even prone to accidents. Instead of trying to cut your sleep short to get more work done, become a person who values sleep. When you’re well-rested, you’ll be more productive.

    Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center offers a full menu of preventive, diagnostic, and interventional medical services for families in the greater Las Vegas area. If you have questions about your health, you can request a physician referral by calling our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5300. One of our registered nurses will also be happy to introduce you to our general and specialty hospital services.

  • Holiday Accident Prevention Tips

    During the holiday season, emergency care doctors often treat patients with injuries caused by falls, fires, car crashes, and other accidents. It’s particularly easy to sustain injuries in an accident if you are rushing around trying to get multiple things done at once. Protect your own health and your family’s well-being by taking your time and being mindful of potential hazards. From our family to yours, the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center would like to wish you a safe and joyous holiday season.

    The holiday season typically brings an influx of fall-related injuries, especially among older adults. One major cause is decorating elevated areas, especially the exterior of the home. It’s advisable for individuals with balance issues and frequent dizziness to avoid climbing up on a ladder to hang holiday lights. Those who do use ladders should follow all necessary safety precautions , including placing the ladder on firm, even ground. For older adults, hip fractures are a particular concern with falls. Watch this featured video to hear an orthopedic surgeon discuss traumatic hip fractures and the surgical methods that may be needed for recovery. Ideally, surgery should be done as soon as possible after the injury to prevent complications from immobility.

    Candles are festive and holiday feasts are common, but both can be a cause of house fires. Consider replacing conventional candles with flameless LED candles. If you do use real candles, always position them well away from flammable objects, especially the tree. While preparing meals, never leave the stove unattended. If you have young children, keep them out of the kitchen or place pots on the back of the stove.

    Car Accidents
    Increased traffic on the roads and holiday parties that feature alcohol can both spike traffic accidents. Choose a designated driver before attending a party and give yourself extra time to reach your destination.

    During the holiday season and all throughout the year, the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is available on a 24/7 basis to meet the needs of families in Las Vegas. Please call 911 without delay if you or someone else requires emergency care for a serious problem. Otherwise, you can call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5300 to request a physician referral or general information about our hospital services.

  • Holiday Hazards to Be Aware of This Season

    Your family’s safety is important throughout the year, but the holiday season brings certain safety risks you should be aware of. Following some basic safety guidelines can protect your family from these hazards, but it’s also a good idea to know where the nearest emergency care department is—just in case. If you’re in the Las Vegas area this holiday season, you can always count on the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

    Food Poisoning
    Food poisoning might not seem like a major problem, but some foodborne illnesses can cause severe symptoms and complications, particularly in vulnerable people like young children and pregnant women. When food is allowed to stay out at room temperature for too long or is improperly prepared, your family and guests are at risk of symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and flu-like symptoms. Prevent foodborne illnesses by refrigerating foods properly, cooking foods to the correct internal temperature, and limiting the time that foods remain on a buffet table.

    Drunk Driving
    You might not be surprised to learn that drunk driving is more prevalent during the holidays. One likely reason for this is that holiday parties often feature alcoholic beverages. It’s essential to designate a sober driver for the safety of everyone on the roadways. If you suspect that another driver near you is intoxicated, keep your distance. Memorize the license plate number if possible, pull over, and call the police. Be prepared to give your location, the direction the intoxicated driver was traveling, and a description of the vehicle.

    Dangerous Toys
    It’s a common misconception that if a toy is on a store shelf, it must be safe for use. In fact, dangerous and defective toys cause a wide range of injuries each year. Protect your children by checking each toy for a safety label. Avoid purchasing toys that feature projectiles or sharp objects. Young children should not have access to small toys or toys with small parts.

    When a serious medical problem occurs, call 911 promptly. Non-emergent inquiries about Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center may be directed to our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5300. Our fully equipped hospital in Las Vegas is a leading provider of emergency care, stroke care, and heart health services.

  • Don’t Let Stress Eating Destroy Your Holidays

    Are you attuned to your eating patterns ? If not, consider writing down what you eat for a week or two. You may find that as the holidays approach, you tend to eat more sweets. The holidays encourage greater availability of sweet treats, but many people also overindulge because of stress and mindless eating. If you have certain pre-existing medical conditions such as a heart problem, stress eating can be particularly harmful. Making a few simple changes can help you combat stress eating. Here at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, our physicians would like to wish our neighbors in Las Vegas a healthy and happy holiday.

    Wait a Few Minutes
    When you get the urge to snack on holiday cookies or visit the office buffet table, try to make yourself wait just a few minutes. Consider whether you’re truly hungry or simply craving sweets. Sip some water; sometimes, thirst is mistaken for hunger. If you’re still craving food, look for the healthiest option available and limit your portion size.

    Eat Mindfully
    Mindful eating involves paying attention to your food instead of focusing on distractions like the television. Chew each bite slowly and let yourself enjoy the flavor. Put your fork down between each bite to stop yourself from eating too quickly. By eating mindfully, you’re likely to feel more satiated without overindulging and you’ll also become more aware of how much you’ve eaten .

    Practice Stress Management
    Eating mindfully can help you identify the times during which you’re only eating to cope with stress, not to satisfy your hunger. As you identify these eating patterns, you can work to change them by substituting healthier stress management techniques. Regular exercise is a great way to improve your ability to handle stressful situations. You can also try taking a deep, steady breath in through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. If you become overwhelmed, give yourself a timeout. Retreat to a quiet room and meditate or read an engrossing book to distract yourself from the situation.

    For eligible patients, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center offers an effective surgical weight loss program. You can request a physician referral by calling a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300. Or, visit us on the Web for more information about our surgical weight loss program.