How to Prevent Common Injuries in the Back to School Season

From minor discomfort to sprains and broken bones, and orthopedic injury can substantially impact your child’s health and performance in school. After a lazy summer, it is common for kids to sustain injuries as they get back into the school routine, which might include carrying a heavy backpack or participating in afterschool sports. Below you’ll find some tips for avoiding injuries as school starts up, saving your family from a trip to the ER.

Stretch and Warm Up Before Rigorous Exercise

If your child is an athlete, training will be an important part of his or her routine. You can help your child train by encouraging stretching and proper warmups, which can reduce injuries like shin splints and pulled muscles. If your child has not gotten much exercise in the offseason over the summer, he or she should take it slow getting back into afterschool athletic programs.

Limit Backpack Loads

When kids carry heavy backpacks, they might be at a higher risk for conditions like scoliosis as well as acute injuries to the shoulders and spine. Be sure that your child’s backpack is no heavier than 15% of his or her total body weight, and find a supportive backpack with padded, wide straps. Adjust the straps to keep the pack close to your child’s body, which will help in balancing the weight that is being carried. Encourage your child to use his or her locker or keep unnecessary items at home so that the pack never gets too full.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Whether on a bike ride, playing sports, or simply walking to school, kids should have the right protective gear and clothing for the task at hand. Supportive shoes will be essential for all activities kids might participate in, and a helmet should always be worn to protect your child’s head while biking, on a skateboard, or during contact sports.

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