Helping Your Teen Break the Habit of Texting and Driving

Teenage drivers see the highest rate of car accidents and fatalities behind the wheel because they are inexperienced and sometimes reckless on the road. Today, many teens are falling into the bad habit of texting and driving, which can actually be more dangerous than driving under the influence. When reading or sending a text, your teenager may have his or her eyes off the road for several seconds—enough time for a wide range of hazards to arise and pose a danger. While you may not always be in the car with your teen, you can encourage better habits by steering your young driver away from texting and driving.

Lead by example

Though they may not admit it, teenagers often mimic the habits of their parents. Therefore, you should always make a strong effort to drive safely without distractions. By choosing not to use the phone while you are driving, you are showing your teen how to drive safely and making sure that you are playing it safe on the road too.

Encourage your teen to speak up

Even if your son or daughter is in the habit of putting the phone down while driving, other teens might not be so cautious. Be sure that your teen knows some effective strategies for communicating with friends to keep them from texting and driving. A direct approach is often best, so let your teen know that it is okay to speak up when someone is driving dangerously.

Discuss the real dangers

An honest discussion about the possible impact of texting and driving is helpful to give your teen a clear picture of why this habit should be avoided. Remind your teenager that texting and driving is a leading cause of fatal car accidents, and that no text is worth the risk.

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