• Preventing Injuries When You Exercise Outdoors

    If you live in the Las Vegas area and enjoy exercising outdoors, then you may already know about the importance of preventing heat-related illnesses by drinking plenty of water and replacing your electrolytes. But what about preventing orthopedic injuries? Following some simple preventive tips can help keep you in the game and reduce the possibility of an unexpected trip to the emergency care department at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center .

    Choosing Proper Footwear

    When you watch this featured video, you’ll hear one of the orthopedic surgeons at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center explain the importance of selecting proper footwear. For runners, this is particularly important because of the stress exerted on the foot. This surgeon recommends choosing a well-cushioned shoe that features a sturdy back around the heel to reduce the possibility of twisting the ankle. Arch supports can also be helpful for athletes who have high arches.

    Warming Up and Cooling Down

    Warming up your muscles before working out might help you avoid a trip to the hospital. Walk quickly for five to 10 minutes before breaking into a jog. End your workout by walking for about the same amount of time. Enjoying a cool down period will help normalize your body temperature and heart rate. Stretching regularly is another good way to maintain your flexibility. Some experts recommend stretching after warming up or cooling down, rather than stretching “cold” muscles.

    Varying Your Workouts

    Performing the same workout over and over again may increase your risk of overuse injuries such as stress fractures. Instead, consider introducing some variety to your workouts . If you’re a runner, you might add in some time on your bicycle or visit a local gym to lift some weights.

    The Orthopedic & Spine Program at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center features a multidisciplinary team of specialists who is dedicated to providing superior care to our patients. Residents in the Las Vegas area can request a physician referral by calling our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 233-5300. Or, visit us online to read more about our specialty services, including stroke care, emergency care, and heart health services.

  • Read These Tips Before Embarking on Your Summer Travels

    Road trips are a classic summer adventure that can be a fun experience for the whole family. To keep your family safe during your travels and reduce the possibility of an unexpected trip to the emergency care department, you can take a few simple safety precautions. Here at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center , our emergency care team would like to wish our neighbors a safe and fun season.

    Have your car inspected by a mechanic.

    Your mechanic can check your fluid levels, brakes, tires, and battery before you depart on your summer trip. Having your vehicle serviced before you leave is a smart way to reduce your risk of roadside breakdowns .

    Pack an emergency kit.

    Even if you bring your car in to have it serviced, it’s wise to pack an emergency kit just in case of inclement weather or other unpredictable problems that can occur on the road. Bring a car charger for your cellphone, a flashlight, and extra batteries, and a first aid kit with extra prescription medications if needed. Pack some extra water and non-perishable food, along with emergency blankets and road flares. Check your trunk to make sure you have a spare tire and a jack, and consider bringing along some basic repair supplies such as jumper cables.

    Make sure everyone buckles up.

    Car accidents are a major cause of serious injuries and fatalities, but fortunately, seat belts can save lives. Set a good example by always wearing your seat belt while driving and make sure your passengers are all buckled up. If you have young children, consider checking with your pediatrician to be sure that they are in appropriate car seats for their height and weight.

    Schedule plenty of rest stops.

    Fatigued driving is one of the many possible causes of car crashes. Keep your family safe by scheduling regular rest stops along your route. If you do find yourself becoming sleepy, pull over as soon as possible and let another adult take the wheel or find a hotel.

    If you’re traveling around the Las Vegas area this summer and you require medical assistance, you can turn to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. We are a community hospital that provides emergency care , heart health care, stroke care, and many other specialty services. You can request a physician referral or general information about our hospital by calling (702) 233-5300.

  • Safety Equipment for Bikers of All Ages

    Bicycling is a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular fitness. It’s also an eco-friendly way to get around town. But if you’re planning on biking around the busy Las Vegas area, it’s particularly important to follow some safety guidelines to reduce your risk of a crash. When injuries do occur, the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is ready to help.


    A helmet is an essential piece of equipment that every bicyclist should have. Helmets range from basic to elaborate; consider looking for a helmet that features ventilation to keep you cooler under the hot Las Vegas sun. If you’re a mountain biker, it’s advisable to choose a helmet that offers full-face protection. Whichever helmet you choose should fit you securely and snugly. Try on the helmet before purchasing it to make sure it fits well.

    Mouth Guards

    Mouth Guards are commonly worn by sports enthusiasts who play football, hockey, and other impact sports. They’re also a good choice for bicyclists. Your mouth guard should engage both the upper and lower jaws for maximum stabilization and protection.


    Protective gloves can help prevent injuries to your hands in the event that you fall from your bike. If you enjoy long bicycle rides, consider choosing gloves that are padded. These can help keep you comfortable despite gripping the handlebars for long periods of time.

    Reflective Materials

    Every bicyclist should be mindful of his or her visibility while on the roads. Wearing a brightly colored shirt and putting reflective tape on your helmet can increase your visibility and reduce your risk of a collision with a car.

    The emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is available 24/7, every day of the week to respond immediately to medical emergencies. Please call 911 if you require emergency transportation to our community hospital in Las Vegas; otherwise, you can call (702) 233-5300 to speak with a registered nurse or to request a physician referral. In addition to emergency care, our hospital is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging, orthopedic care, and physical rehabilitation.

  • Tips for Coping with Extreme Las Vegas Heat

    It’s no secret that Las Vegas residents can expect soaring temperatures during the summer months. Every summer, emergency care departments treat increasing numbers of patients suffering from heat-related illnesses. Even if you think you’re accustomed to the hot temperatures in the area, it’s best to be mindful of the weather and adjust your activities accordingly. If you do develop signs of a heat-related illness, the emergency care team at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center can get you back on your feet.

    Know your risk factors for heat-related illnesses.

    Certain people are at a higher risk of suffering medical problems during very hot weather. By knowing your risk factors, you can take precautions to protect yourself. Infants, young children, senior citizens, and those who are taking certain medications or have chronic medical conditions are at a higher risk. The risk is also elevated in individuals who are overweight or obese and those who must be physically active outdoors, such as construction workers.

    Limit your outdoor activities.

    During heatwaves, it’s advisable to avoid nonessential outdoor activities. Stay in air-conditioned rooms, particularly if you’re at a higher risk of heat-related illnesses. If you do go outdoors during extreme heat, try to schedule your outdoor activities for the morning or evening hours.

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    Staying hydrated requires drinking water frequently throughout the day. Every person’s water requirements are different. As a general rule of thumb, people should drink as much water as is necessary to keep their urine lightly colored. It’s also important to replace your electrolytes with beverages such as sports drinks. However, if your doctor has given you special dietary guidelines to follow, consider checking with him or her before increasing your salt intake.

    Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is well-known throughout the Las Vegas region for adhering to exceptionally high standards of patient care and safety. In addition to our high-quality, responsive emergency care services, our community hospital is a leading provider of stroke care and heart health services. You can direct non-emergent questions to a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300.