Family Wellness: Where to Start

Good health begins at home, which is why it is important to establish positive habits for the whole family to maintain everyday wellness. May is Family Wellness Month, so it is a great time to think about the changes you can make to improve the health of every member of the family. Below you’ll get a look at some of the steps you should take to get started on boosting family wellness in your household for a lifetime of better health.

Schedule Checkups with the Family Doctor

To establish a baseline for your family’s health, you might make a visit to the family doctor for annual checkups for every member of the family. Seeing the doctor annually is a key component of preventive care, and it can help you gain a specific understanding of your family’s unique healthcare needs.

Serve More Meals at Home

Healthy eating is a habit that every family should maintain, but it can be hard to eat healthy if you frequently dine out or order in. Preparing more meals at home can allow you to teach your children how to cook and design balanced meals, and it will create opportunities for family dinners, which can be a positive influence for your family. In addition to cooking more often, you might do an audit of your fridge and pantry, eliminating junk food, soda, sugary cereals, unhealthy cooking fats, and other unhealthy options.

Start a Family Exercise Routine

As you begin to eat better, it’s also helpful to maintain a more active lifestyle. Scheduling daily family walks, enrolling in a family gym membership, or taking a dance class together can all be fun and easy ways to add more exercise to your routine and keep the family together with healthy activities.

Are you looking for more resources to help your family stay well? Consider joining the H2U program at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, which is an affordable way to access interactive health tools, recipes, and more. To learn more, call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line today at (702) 233-5300.

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