Ankle Sprains and Other Common Summer Shoe Injuries

Hot Las Vegas summers require a wardrobe to keep you cool, but it is important to remember that your summer footwear can lead to injuries. While flip-flops and strappy flats may be stylish selections for the season, they might not be the best choices for everyday footwear, because they lack adequate support to help you maintain good posture and balance. This article will take a closer look at some of the most common summer foot injuries that you should be wary of as you shop for summer footwear.


Because sandals do not provide arch support or any support at the ankle, it can be easy to turn your ankle when you walk on stairs or uneven terrain. Twisting your ankle can lead to a sprain with enough stress on the ligaments and other soft tissues. In the video above, you can hear about how sprained ankles can be significant injuries that might require up to a year to heal in the most severe cases.

Heel Pain

If you begin to feel pain in the heels of your feet after weeks of wearing flip-flops or other sandals, you might be experiencing a strain on the muscles and ligaments in the arch of the foot. When the arch is not properly supported, the foot becomes flattened as you walk, and this can cause lasting damage. To avoid this type of stress on your foot, try finding sandals with better arch support or using orthotic inserts to improve your posture in sandals.

Broken Bones

Wearing open-toed shoes might keep your feet cooler in the warm weather, but it can also put your toes at risk. Stubbing your toe or dropping a heavy object on your foot might be the cause of broken toes or other fractures in the foot, which can keep you off your feet for several weeks.

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