Women’s Sports Injury Awareness for springtime

If the coming of springtime encourages you to get outdoors and play sports around the Las Vegas area, consider taking a few minutes to think about injury prevention. Watch this featured video to hear Dr. Fred Redfern, an orthopedic surgeon at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, explain why women are more susceptible to certain sports injuries than men. Staying out of the emergency care department may be easier with a few simple guidelines for preventive care.

Common Types

One of the most common types of sports injuries among women is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL is located in the knee. A mild ACL sprain involves the slight overstretching of the ligament, although the knee is still stable. A moderate sprain involves the loosening or partial tear of the ligament and a severe sprain refers to a complete tear of the ligament. In addition to ACL sprains, female athletes often develop ankle sprains, rotator cuff problems, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis. All of these sports injuries may be quite painful.

Possible Causes

Certain sports are associated with a higher risk of certain injuries due to the movements required. For example, basketball players are at a higher risk of ACL tears. There are also several possible reasons why women may be more likely than men to develop some sports injuries, such as the presence of looser ligaments, less muscle mass, and a wider pelvis.

Preventive Tips

Physical therapy and other conservative treatments are often effective for helping athletes get back on their feet after an injury. However, prevention is always best. To reduce your risk of getting sidelined this spring, try to maintain your physical conditioning during the winter months. If you intend on training intensely this spring or summer, gradually ramp up your workouts to let your body adjust. Consider investing in some supportive footwear, and remember to warm up and cool down each time you play sports.

For acute or chronic sports injuries, you can find the care you need at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Our state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas offers exceptional orthopedic care , along with protocols-driven emergency care, heart health services, and stroke care. If you would like to request a physician referral to an orthopedist in Las Vegas, you can call us at (702) 233-5300.

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