How to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries in Your Neighborhood

In the U.S., millions of people are victims of dog attacks each year, and a high percentage of those dog bites become infected. Children are at a particularly high risk of sustaining dog bites, in part because they’re still learning the proper ways to interact with known and unknown dogs. If your child or other loved one requires emergency care for a dog bite , Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas is available 24/7.

Protecting Young Children

Preventing dog bites in young children begins with educating them about safe ways of interacting with dogs-and of course, giving them frequent reminders. Many dog bites happen in the home. If your household includes a small child and one or more dogs, separation is critical. Use baby gates to prevent small children from playing with the dogs while unsupervised. When supervising playtime with dogs and small children, teach the kids to pet very gently and to avoid pulling on the tail or fur. In fact, they should avoid petting altogether if the dog isn’t interested in it. Remember that even the gentlest of dogs can bite if they feel threatened or cornered. Additionally, remind kids of all ages to never approach a strange dog while playing outdoors.

Preventing a Dog Attack

Adults and children can learn the proper body language to use when an unfamiliar dog approaches. It’s best to remain still and avoid making loud noises. You can also turn your body slightly; dogs may feel threatened when a human faces them directly. Avoid making direct eye contact with the dog. Using a firm voice, say “No” or “Go home.” Wait until the dog backs away before moving.

Responding to an Attack

If a dog attacks, avoid running away. Instead, put any available object between you and the dog, such as a trash can, bicycle, handbag, or jacket. If the dog knocks you over, curl up and tuck in your head. Place your hands over your head and ears to protect them. Seek emergency care if you are bitten to prevent an infection.

Emergency care for animal bites is just one of the many exceptional healthcare services you’ll find at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Our community hospital in Las Vegas also provides sophisticated stroke care, comprehensive heart health services, and much more. To request a physician referral, you can speak with a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300.

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