Holiday Decorating Safety 101

For many people, the holiday season doesn’t really begin until the decorations are up, but unfortunately, achieving the perfect holiday décor can also be dangerous. Don’t make a trip to the hospital for emergency care part of your seasonal traditions. Decorate safely with these tips.

Tree Safety

If you have an artificial tree, there is a good chance it is fire-resistant. Check the packaging to make sure yours has protection. If you get a real tree, make sure you choose one that is fresh and green. Dry trees are major fire hazards that lead to hundreds of fires each holiday season. Place your tree away from your fireplace, radiator, and other heat sources, which make trees dry out quicker. Keep the tree stand filled with water at all times to reduce dryness. If you’re not sure if your tree is too dry, try bouncing the base on the ground. If needles shower down, then choose another tree.

Light Safety

When you hang holiday lights, check each strand for signs of frayed wires or loose connections. If you see any signs of damage, don’t use them. When hanging outdoor lights, be sure they were designed for outdoor use, and fasten them securely. If you are using an extension cord, don’t plug more than three standard-sized light sets into a single cord. Turn off your lights any time you are not around, as any short could cause a fire.

Candle Safety

Candles should never be lit near any evergreen decorations, and should never be left unattended. Be sure that lit candles are kept away from paper decorations and wrapping paper and that they cannot be easily knocked over. Keep children away from candles, and make sure all candle bases are non-flammable.

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