Spotlight on The Breast Center at Sunrise

Breast cancer is one of the most significant health risks for women. One in eight women will develop it in their lifetime, and over 40,000 women die of the disease each year. The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. Live a healthy lifestyle, and talk to your doctor about your risk factors to determine if medications could reduce your risk. Go to the hospital for regular mammograms so that if breast cancer does occur, it can be diagnosed in its early stages. At Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas, The Breast Center at Sunrise offers breast cancer support from screening to recovery. Our hospital’s nationally accredited program boasts 3D digital mammogram machines with computer-aided detection for the most accurate screenings possible. Please share the important facts in this infographic from our Las Vegas hospital to help women everywhere understand how to take control of their breast health.

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