Essential Safety Tips for the Coming School Year

When you send your children back to school this year, you will want to stay aware of the top safety hazards that your kids may face each day. By recognizing these dangers and utilizing a few preventive measures , you can greatly improve your child’s safety during the school day. Here’s a closer look at the steps you’ll want to take to ensure a safe school year.

Walk young kids to school or the bus stop

Walking to school is a great habit to help children stay active, but young children in grade school should have supervision from parents or older siblings. If your child takes the bus, you might walk him to the bus stop for the first few days of school to teach the best habits for safe bus riding . Children who bike to school should have well-fitted helmets that should be worn at all times while riding a bike, even if the ride is just down the street.

Make sure your child’s backpack is not too heavy

A backpack full of books and supplies can weigh almost 30 pounds, which is too much weight for a child to carry safely. Before your child heads off to school, you should make sure that his backpack is not too heavy and adjust straps so that the pack does not hang low on your child’s back. Keeping the weight of the bag close to the body will reduce stress on the back and shoulders, reducing the likelihood of conditions like scoliosis and joint injuries.

Be alert of allergy and asthma dangers

Food allergies and asthma have both become more common in children, so you will want to remain aware of possible triggers and ways to avoid them. If your child has a food allergy, you may need to pack lunches every day instead of purchasing school lunches. Children with asthma should keep emergency inhalers on hand to respond to asthma attacks that may take place at school.

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