Knowing How Much Exercise Your Kids Need to Stay Healthy


The week of April 19-25 is Every Kid Healthy Week, which may be a time for you to reflect on your child’s health with an assessment of his or her level of physical fitness. In the age of computers, video games, and cell phones, children have become more sedentary, which has contributed to the problem of childhood obesity in the U.S. To combat obesity and ensure better health in your child, keep reading for a look at how much activity your child needs and the types of exercise that will be most beneficial.

Types of Physical Activity

Like adults, kids need both aerobic activity and muscle strengthening activity to stay healthy. Aerobic activity is physical activity that gets the heart rate up. Examples include running, jumping rope, or riding a bike. Muscle-strengthening activity may burn fewer calories but works to build muscle tissue and improve strength. These activities may include push-ups, play on a jungle gym, or sit-ups.

Hours of Activity Needed

Children need lots of activity as they grow, and most of that activity should be dedicated to aerobic exercises. Children need about 60 minutes of activity daily , and they should have some vigorous-intensity exercise at least three days per week. Vigorous-intensity exercise is any type of activity that makes it difficult to hold a conversation such as running or rapidly-paced dancing.

Creative Ways to get Exercise

When you think of muscle strengthening activities, workouts like weight lifting may come to mind. However, kids benefit from more playful activities such as climbing trees, performing gymnastics, or even participating in yoga. Playtime is important for both the social and physical development of your child, so remember that time spent running in the park or wrestling with the family dog does count as exercise.

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