Answering Your Questions About Cardiac Rehabilitation


If you’ve recently been rushed to an emergency care center because of heart problems, your physician may recommend that you undergo cardiac rehabilitation at a heart hospital . Cardiac rehabilitation is a program supervised by medical professionals and designed to help individuals recover from various heart problems, such as heart attacks and heart surgery.

What are the Goals of Cardiac Rehabilitation?

When you undergo your initial assessment for your cardiac rehab program, you’ll learn about your treatment goals. In addition to helping you recover from your heart problem or surgery, cardiac rehab is intended to reduce the risk of future heart problems and death from heart-related issues. It is also intended to reduce the possibility of future hospitalizations and to address risk factors that can contribute to heart trouble, such as hypertension or high cholesterol levels. Overall, your cardiac rehab program is intended to enhance your quality of life by helping you adapt to healthy lifestyle changes, such as becoming physically active, choosing healthy foods, and managing your stress.

Who Is on a Cardiac Rehabilitation Team?

Cardiac rehab is a long-term solution. You’ll be working closely with an interdisciplinary team at the heart hospital. Your team may include your primary care physician, cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon, and nurses. You may work with a registered dietitian to develop a healthy meal plan, and you may work with physical and occupational therapists.

What Can I Expect?

Before starting your program, you’ll have a comprehensive evaluation at the heart hospital. You’ll likely discuss your medical history, have a physical exam, and undergo some tests. You’ll also cover your current medical management of your conditions. Then, you’ll learn how to exercise safely with heart trouble, manage your diet, improve your emotional health, and reach any other goals of your personalized program.

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center provides comprehensive rehabilitation to patients throughout the Las Vegas area. At our heart hospital, you’ll also find exceptional emergency care and sophisticated stroke care. Call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (702) 233-5300 if you would like to request a physician referral.

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