How Can You Prevent Knee Injuries?

Jogging Injury

Knee injuries are quite common, particularly among serious athletes and those who are just starting an exercise program. There are many components of the knee that could sustain damage, including the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. If you’ve noticed knee pain, it’s advisable to temporarily halt your workout program to prevent making the problem worse. A physician at your local hospital can diagnose the underlying cause of your knee pain and recommend treatment options.

Avoid Overtraining

If you’ve recently begun an exercise program, you may be at a higher risk of knee injuries, particularly if you’ve engaged in very intense workouts. Likewise, overtraining in any activity, including running or walking, can heighten your risk. The physician at your local hospital is likely to advise you to begin a new workout program slowly. Allow your body to recover by scheduling some rest days between your workouts. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts.

Use Appropriate Gear

Using the right gear for your chosen sport is one way to prevent knee injuries. Just as you need to replace the tires on your car after a certain number of miles, you’ll need to replace your running shoes, usually after every 300 miles. At this point, the shock absorption of your shoes has declined, which means you’ll be more prone to knee injuries.

Strengthen Your Muscles

Strengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility can help you avoid injuries. You might consider working with a fitness trainer to develop a program to strengthen your knee extensors and flexors, and hip flexors and adductors. The muscles near the knee facilitate its movement. Additionally, remember to stretch before and after each workout.

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