Healthy Living Guidelines All Men Should Keep in Mind

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Did you know that men in the United States have a life expectancy that is nearly 5 years lower than that of American women? During the month of November, or Movember, facts like this will be brought to light with awareness efforts that can help men boost their life expectancy and manage their health. Raising awareness is important for men, because 12.1% of men over 18 are in fair or poor health. There is no single reason for this trend, but there are some contributing factors including conditions specific to men such as prostate and testicular cancer , men’s tenancies toward risky behavior, and the pattern of putting off regular medical checkups. With the healthier habits below, all men can get their health in a better state for a longer, happier life.

Visit the Doctor Even When You Aren’t Sick

Women are more likely to visit the doctor for annual checkups, and they are also more willing to openly discuss their health during these visits. Annual checkups are just as important for men, as they can help monitor risk factors for conditions such as heart disease while offering a place for men to bring up any health issues outside of normal screenings.

Avoid the Steak and Potatoes Diet

If your diet is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables, you might shift away from meat and potatoes with some lighter but still delicious options. Try eating fish and poultry instead of red meat, and consider going vegetarian for one or two days each week. Eating a wider range of healthy foods while focusing on finding the freshest choices possible will be integral to cancer prevention and weight management through every stage of life.

Get Physically Active, but Know Your Limits

The health benefits of exercise are no secret, but men are more likely to push their bodies too far and risk injuries while working out. If you abandon the macho attitude and respect your own physical limits as you exercise, you will stay on the path to better health without suffering potentially serious injuries that could keep you off your feet completely.

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