How to Cut Down Your Child’s Sodium Intake

Nine out of every 10 kids in the United States are consuming more sodium than they should. Evidence of this unhealthy habit is being seen in pediatrician offices around the country, with one in six kids having raised blood pressure levels—an early indicator of high blood pressure in the future. The good news for parents is that cutting your child’s sodium intake is easier than you might think.

Watch this video for tips for controlling how much salt your child consumes. Forget removing the salt shaker from the table: most kids are getting their sodium from too many processed foods and restaurant meals. Buy low sodium foods and help kids make smart choices in restaurants to reduce salt consumption.

At Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, our physician referral service can help you find a Las Vegas pediatrician to manage your child’s healthy diet. Call our hospital now at (702) 233-5300 for more information. 

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