Is Your House First-Aid Ready?

First Aid Kit

Some injuries require urgent medical care , but in other cases, home care is the right first step. A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential for facing down all of the cuts, scrapes, and other minor injuries that are a part of life for kids and adults alike. How does your kit stack up? Here is what you need to know to make your home first-aid ready.

First-Aid Kit Basics

Although you can purchase a first-aid kit, you can also make your own using variety of supplies and storage boxes. Making your own kit has the advantage of personalizing the supplies. Start by purchasing storage boxes. Anything you can keep supplies in is fine, although investing in a water-resistant box is a good idea if you plan to keep it with you during outdoor activities. Add emergency phone numbers and lists of medications for your family to your box, as well as a flashlight with new batteries.

Medical Supplies

Your kit should be stocked with ample supplies to treat minor injuries. You’ll need absorbent compress dressings, bandages, and cloth tape, as well antibiotic ointments and antiseptic wipes. Non-latex gloves, aspirin, roller bandages, sterile gauze, and tweezers are also helpful. Consider including a blanket and an instant cold compress. If anyone in your family has a specific medical condition, like diabetes, include related emergency supplies, like glucose tablets. The Red Cross is a good source of information about what should be in your kit. Your physician can also help with suggestions.

First-Aid Kit Management

Your first-aid kit needs to be checked periodically for outdated supplies. You should also check that your flashlight batteries are still in good condition. National Safety Month is a great time to double-check your kit’s contents.

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