Knowing What to Look for on Food Nutrition Labels

Nutritional Label

Plenty of prepackaged food items boast phrases like “all natural,” “sugar-free,” and “multigrain.” While these phrases make the food sound healthy, they don’t necessarily mean that it is. Instead, avoid relying on the packaging material itself and read the nutrition label to determine if a food is healthy. If you’re looking for a whole grain product, check the list of ingredients for words such as “whole rye” or “whole wheat.” This indicates the inclusion of whole grain products; the word “multigrain” on the packaging merely means that the product contains more than one type of grain.

In addition to reading the list of ingredients, be sure to check the nutrition label for the product’s fat, sugar, and cholesterol content. A product advertised as being “sugar-free” may actually be high in fat. You can also check the product’s number of calories per serving and compare that number to the number of servings per product.

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