• A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Heart Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Heart disease can strike at any age, but the risk of developing cardiovascular issues really spikes later in life. For baby boomers, this means that the time to get serious about heart health is now. It’s crucial to pay attention to the warning signs of heart disease and report them to your doctor. Not all heart crises start with crushing chest pain and a trip to the emergency room. In many cases, subtle signs like heart flutters are the first indicators that your heart needs attention. The good news is that heart hospitals now have more treatments available than ever before to control heart disease, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement—a minimally-invasive procedure that brings relief to patients who can’t tolerate full valve replacement. Learn more about heart disease symptoms and treatments in this infographic from Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas. Please share this vital information with your family and friends