Making a Resolution to End Stroke Related Deaths

On average, more than 100,000 Americans suffer from fatal strokes each year. This figure can be greatly reduced with enhanced efforts toward stroke prevention and stroke care. Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center offers stroke care for residents in Las Vegas and the surrounding region, but we urge the local community to do its part in 2014 to help reduce the number of stroke fatalities.

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Control Stroke Risk Factors
Like heart disease and cancer, stroke is a condition whose occurrence is affected by lifestyle risk factors. Activities such as excessive drinking and smoking can contribute to stroke , and stopping these behaviors can thus lower the chances of stroke. Poor diet habits and a lack of physical activity can also make stroke more likely. These behaviors can increase blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight gain. Making a commitment to eating nutritious meals and exercising on a daily basis can lower stroke risk.

Know Stroke Symptoms
Though healthy lifestyle habits can substantially lessen the chances of having a stroke, they cannot completely eliminate them. That is why knowing the signs of stroke is important. A stroke can present in different ways, but sufferers often display common symptoms. Sudden speech challenges and difficulty seeing in one or both eyes may indicate a stroke. Many people who have strokes also notice abrupt changes to their motor skills.

Seek Immediate Stroke Care
The longer a person experiences stroke symptoms with no medical attention, the greater the odds that his condition will cause extensive and permanent brain damage. Death can also result from a lack of immediate emergency care. If stroke symptoms arise, do not wait for them to abate. Contact a healthcare provider as soon as possible and follow instructions for getting medical attention.

Would you know if you were having a stroke? Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center can help you better understanding the facets of this condition. To find out more about stroke symptoms and side effects, call our facility at (702) 233-5300. If you are experiencing a stroke-related emergency, our iTriage Symptom Checker can notify our emergency care staff of your immediate medical needs.

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