Exploring the Top Winter Health Risks for Elderly Individuals

While most people consider the holiday season to be a great deal of fun, it can also be fairly dangerous for certain people. Elderly citizens, whose bodies aren’t as tough as they once were, tend to have considerable health risks during the holiday season. In an effort to save lives , Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center seeks to spread awareness of the top health risks for elderly individuals who live alone.


Flu and Pneumonia
Flu season runs from fall to early spring. The flu virus tends to have serious effect for individuals with weakened immune systems, including many elderly citizens. What’s worse is that the flu virus may lead to viral pneumonia, which claims the lives of thousands of senior citizens every year. That’s why it’s important for elderly individuals to get seasonal flu shots.

As people get older, their circulatory systems tend to slow down. As a result, elderly citizens tend to have trouble staying warm. Those with dementia may forget to turn up the heat on cold nights, increasing their chances of hypothermia, which is a potentially deadly drop in body temperature.

Slips and Falls
Though Southern Nevada doesn’t usually have big snowstorms, it’s not unusual for roads and sidewalks to freeze at night. An elderly citizen who expects to walk on the street without any problems may be caught off guard by the icy conditions and suffer a spill that causes a terrible injury .

Carbon Monoxide
Furnaces work overtime to keep spaces warm. Combustion-powered furnaces that are ill maintained may leak deadly carbon monoxide into an elderly person’s living space. That’s why it’s important to have a furnace inspected at least once a year.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center provides emergency care, stroke treatment, and general wellness services to the senior citizens of the Southern Nevada area. You can reach us at (702) 233-5300 or visit our website to find out more about our dedication to compassionate healthcare.

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