• The Heart Center at Sunrise Hospital Presents: What’s Your Heart Murmur Telling You?

    Heart Center at Sunrise

    The Heart Center at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center presents a free community lecture on heart murmurs and the latest advancements in the treatment of valve disease:

    Wednesday, August 14 at 5:30 p.m.
    Sunrise Hospital Auditorium (located on the first floor)
    3186 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89109

    This lecture is free to the public and a light dinner will be served, but registration is required. To register, call (702) 233-5454.

    About Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center:
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  • Heart Murmurs and Valve Disease

    A heart murmur may not always point to a serious medical condition. This video explains what a heart murmur is and why medical treatment may be needed.

    The first indication of a murmur is usually an abnormal sound coming from the heart. If a doctor notices a clicking or whooshing noise, he may determine that a patient has a heart murmur. In some instances, no further action is required to correct the problem. Should the murmur reveal a narrowing of a heart valve or valve regurgitation, treatment may be recommended to remedy it.

    Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas offers cardiovascular treatment options for a range of heart problems. For more information on the services our heart hospital provides, call (702) 233-5300. Patients with urgent heart conditions can use our iTriage Symptom Checker before arriving at our emergency care center.

  • A Full-time Laborist Model Can Decrease the Rate of Cesarean Delivery, New Research from the High Risk Pregnancy Center Reveals


    Brian Iriye, MD, of the High Risk Pregnancy Center, in conjunction with Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, today issued results of the first study on the effects on patient experience and outcome when hospitals adopt laborist programs. The research is published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    “This first published study is important for women’s health, as it shows that having dedicated full-time laborists – hospital based obstetricians dedicated only to labor care – is associated with a large reduction in cesarean delivery rates,” said Dr. Iriye. “Our results may have important implications on care for delivering mothers and the future of laborist programs and obstetrics training within the United States.”

    Laborist programs have expanded throughout the United States in the last decade, but until today, there has been no published research examining their effect on patient outcomes. The study was compiled from data reviewed for three time periods from 2006-2011. Data from 6,206 women having their first baby were retrospectively reviewed.

    Key Findings

    The cesarean delivery rates, evaluated while rates were continuing to rise in the community and nationally, were as follows:

    • 39.2% for no laborist care
    • 38.7% for community physician laborist care (part-time labor coverage by OBs and other physicians who also have an outpatient practice)
    • 33.2% for fulltime laborists

    A full-time laborist presence was associated with a 27% reduction in cesarean delivery when contrasted with no laborist,

    A full-time laborist presence was associated with a 23% reduction when compared to community laborist care.

    The community laborist model was not associated with an effect upon cesarean delivery.

    Cesarean delivery is major surgery associated with uncommon but increased risk of medical complications such as infection, bleeding, and blood clots that can occur in the lower extremities or lungs. The total cesarean section rate in the United States is 32.8%, which represents 60% increase since 1996. The Healthy People target for 2020 is a rate of 23.9% for low-risk women with a singleton vertex (head-first) presentation and no prior cesarean births.

    The study was initiated by Brian K. Iriye, MD and co-authored by Wilson H Huang, MD; Jennifer Condon, RN; Lyle Hancock, BS; Judy K Hancock, RNC; Mark Ghamsary, PhD and Thomas J Garite, MD.

    Dr. Iriye and his colleagues are available for interviews. Copies of the full study are now available.

  • A Patient’s Guide to Heart Murmurs


    Finding out that you have a heart murmur can understandably cause concern. Heart hospital physicians often detect abnormal sounds coming from the heart, but in most cases, a murmur is considered harmless and requires no medical attention. If a doctor deems further diagnostic testing necessary, it’s because he suspects a more serious underlying issue. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center offers treatment services to individuals requiring care for murmur-related heart issues. The following information can help you better understand murmur conditions.

    Individuals with an innocent heart murmur typically don’t know until a physician informs them of it. A murmur that results from a heart issue may be accompanied by other medical conditions. If you are experiencing persistent coughing, frequent fainting, or unprovoked sweating, it may be because of the same cardiac condition that is causing the murmur.

    If a heart valve cannot close properly when distributing blood through the heart, it may lead to blood displacement. This type of valve disease, called regurgitation, can result in a persistence or intensification of murmur symptoms. Stenosis, another form of valve disease, presents as a tightening of a heart valve. When a valve is not as wide as it should be, it restricts the amount of blood that can flow through it at any given time. As with regurgitation, stenosis can cause murmur symptoms to continue or worsen over time.

    Treatment Options
    Mild valve disease may require only medication and doctor supervision to ensure that the condition does not deteriorate. If a physician determines the problem to be more severe, surgery may be necessary. Your cardiologist can explain the extent of your valve issue and recommend an appropriate course of action to address it.

    The heart specialists at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center want you to enjoy a strong and healthy heart for years to come. Our cardiac center offers personalized treatment options for valve disease. To find out more about our heart hospital services, call (702) 233-5300. Individuals experiencing chest pain should seek emergency care; our iTriage Symptom Checker offers Las Vegas residents immediate access to our emergency facilities once they arrive at our heart hospital.