Knowing the Signs of Skin Cancer

Approximately 20 percent of Americans will experience skin cancer. This video discusses the ABCDE’s of this disease.

Asymmetry is one sign of skin cancer. If a mole lacks regularity, have a physician examine it. Irregular borders are also cause for concern. Moles with uneven edges should undergo a dermatologist evaluation. Moles colored red, purple, or blue may point to skin cancer as well. Also, consider the diameter of a mole; a doctor should inspect those larger than a pencil eraser. Moles that evolve with respect any of the aforementioned characteristics may signal skin cancer, so be sure to visit a dermatologist should a mole change in appearance.

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center provides cancer care services for patients in the greater Las Vegas area. To schedule an appointment for a mole evaluation, call (702) 233-5300.

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