July 28th Is World Hepatitis Day

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Did you know that approximately two billion people have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus? This disease and hepatitis C are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. To combat these life-threatening illnesses, July 28 has been designated World Hepatitis Day. This global initiative, along with the efforts of Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center , aims to bring greater hepatitis awareness to Las Vegas area and the world.

What Causes Hepatitis
Both hepatitis B and hepatitis C are viral infections that cause damage to the liver. Hepatitis C results from blood-to-blood contact between a healthy individual and an infected person. Hepatitis B may be contracted from an infected individual through multiple fluids, such as blood, semen, and saliva. Activities that may present a risk of hepatitis B infection include using tainted tattooing equipment, sharing razors and intravenous needles, and engaging in unprotected sexual activities.

Who Is at Risk for Hepatitis
Individuals who practice any of the aforementioned activities may be at risk for hepatitis B or hepatitis C. Healthcare professionals strongly urge anyone who suspects that he may have been exposed to either virus to seek medical attention. Testing for hepatitis B and hepatitis C is crucial for both the wellbeing of the infected person and anyone who comes into contact with that person. With early detection and treatment, individuals with hepatitis B or hepatitis C can receive the care they need to delay or potentially eradicate the effects of their infection and prevent the spreading of either disease.

Why Greater Hepatitis Awareness Is Necessary
Given the ease with which hepatitis B and hepatitis C can spread and the billions of people who already have hepatitis, it’s crucial that individuals become more aware of these diseases. With the help of initiatives such as World Hepatitis Day, an end to the devastating effects of hepatitis is possible.

Could you be at risk for hepatitis B or hepatitis C? Call Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center today at (702) 233-5300 to schedule an appointment for testing. Our Las Vegas healthcare facility provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for an extensive array of medical needs.

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