Wish Your Dad Good Health by Encouraging Him to Have These Important Screenings

Grandfather With Son And Grandson Playing American Football Together

On Father’s Day, millions of men across the United States received ties, tools, and other presents that while thoughtful, offer no lasting benefit to their wellbeing. If you have a grandfather, father, or husband who you want to celebrate, why not give him a gift that can truly increase his quality of life? Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center provides a range of preventative screenings for men in the greater Las Vegas area. To show your dad just how much he means to you, help him make an appointment for the following tests:

A colonoscopy is a procedure that determines if polyps are present in the colon. When left undetected or untreated, these polyps can lead to colon cancer. With early intervention, a physician can remove these polyps, significantly lowering a patient’s risk for cancer development. Healthcare experts advise all men age 50 and older to undergo regular colonoscopies to avoid the possibility of colon cancer.

Prostate Cancer Testing
Prostate cancer is among the most common cancers found in men. Because this disease is so prevalent, it’s important to have the fathers in your life tested for it—especially if they have a family history of the disease or are of African-American descent. Knowing when it’s appropriate to undergo a prostate cancer screening is a question that men should address with their physician. A man with preexisting risk factors may want to get tested as early as 40 years old. All other men should consider a screening by age 50.

Blood Pressure Assessment
High blood pressure can be the catalyst for several serious conditions, including stroke and heart attack. It shows no signs of its presence, however, which is why all adult men should undergo regular testing for it. A blood pressure assessment takes only minutes to conduct, and can help improve the health of the special father in your life.

To schedule an appointment at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, call (702) 233-5300. We can make sure that the men in your life receive the preventative care they need to enjoy many more Father’s Days. Patients can also view our website to see a full list of services that our Las Vegas heart hospital provides.

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