How to Improve Your Health with Better Nutrition

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Establishing a healthy diet is an oft-repeated recommendation within the medical community. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center also encourages patients to make better choices about what they eat. Nutrition, or a lack of it, can directly impact a person’s health. Too many calories can contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Empty calories can leave the body starving for vital nutrients. To bolster your health, consider these tips for a more nutritious diet:

Eat at Home and Cut Down on Calories
Restaurant portion sizes always seem to be growing. These overwhelming servings do no favors for your waistline, however. Many people still abide by the old adage of cleaning their plates, which when done at a restaurant, might result in consuming many more calories than is healthy. When you eat at home, you have more control over the size of your portions. Smaller portions mean fewer calories and a lower chance of gaining weight.

Incorporate More Produce and Consume More Nutrients
Fresh fruits and vegetables are vitamin powerhouses. These foods contain a wide variety of nutrients that bodies need, so try to incorporate more produce into your diet. The next time you serve pasta, add broccoli or squash to it. When preparing lunch, switch out your usual sandwich for a hearty salad filled with your favorite veggies. By including more fruits and vegetables into your diet, you’re giving your body the resources it requires for optimal health.

Buy Healthy Essentials and Enjoy Balanced Meals
Eating a consistently healthy diet means planning ahead. It’s easy to reach for unhealthy snacks if those are the only items in your refrigerator or pantry. Nutrition experts recommend stocking up on healthy basics so you always have access to nutritious meals. Frozen vegetables and canned fruits can make eating healthy much easier.

Would you like to discover more healthy eating tips? Call Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center at (702) 233-5300 to speak with a representative about better dietary habits. Las Vegas residents can also use our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system to learn more about the effects of diet on health.

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