• Warm Weather Health Tips for the Hot Las Vegas Summer


    As summer draws near, temperatures in Las Vegas can spike into the triple-digits, which may prove dangerous for young and old alike. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center urges the Las Vegas community to be mindful of extreme heat this summer. By adhering to the following warm weather guidelines, you can make sure you and your loved ones enjoy a healthy summer.

    Avoid Physical Activity During Midday Hours
    Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, but when you live in Las Vegas, it’s important to strategize when and how you work out. Once summer arrives, be careful not to overexert yourself during the midday hours when the sun is the most powerful. If possible, schedule outdoor activity either during the morning hours or once the sun has gone down.

    Drink Plenty of Fluids Throughout the Day
    High temperatures, when combined with an arid climate, can quickly drain your body of necessary fluids. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. To avoid the effects of dehydration, drink plenty of water throughout the day and limit beverages that may sap your system of hydration, such as alcohol and coffee. You can also snack on strawberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon, which all have high water content.

    Monitor Individuals Who May Be Vulnerable to Heat
    Some people can fall victim to the effects of extreme heat more easily than others. In particular, young children, pregnant women, and senior citizens must take special precautions to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. If you have loved ones with special medical needs, take the time to check in on them on a regular basis. When traveling with children, take care never to leave them in your car if you decide to quickly run into the bank or grocery store. Just a few minutes spent in a heated vehicle can lead to heat illness.

    Don’t underestimate the effects of high temperatures. If you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from heat-related complications, call Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center at (702) 233-5300. Patients who require emergency care for heat stroke can also use our iTriage Symptom Checker as they travel to our facility.

  • Sunrise Hospital First in Southern Nevada to Offer LINX® Procedure


    Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is pleased to announce that it is the first hospital in Las Vegas to be able to perform the only FDA approved treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), LINX®. Shawn T. Tsuda MD, F.A.C.S., is the first LINX® trained surgeon in Southern Nevada.

    “Our heartburn program is the first of its kind in Southern Nevada,” said Todd Sklamberg, Chief Executive Officer at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. “The LINX Procedure is just one of the many ways that we offer a higher level of care to our patients.”

    Whether you call it heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can spell misery for millions of adults in the U.S. GERD is caused by a weak muscle in the esophagus called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) that allows acid and bile to splash up from the stomach into the esophagus, often causing injury to the lining of the esophagus and symptoms like heartburn, chest pain, regurgitation, sore throat, and cough.

    The LINX® System is a small, flexible band of magnets enclosed in titanium beads. The magnetic attraction between the beads helps keep a weak esophageal sphincter closed to prevent reflux. The LINX® System is implanted around the weak sphincter just above the stomach in a minimally invasive procedure that typically takes less than one hour.

    Sunrise Hospital will host a free community lecture for those interested in learning more about chronic reflux and the LINX® Procedure:

    Tuesday, July 23 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    Sunrise Hospital Auditorium (located on the first floor)
    3186 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Light refreshments will be served. The lecture is free, but registration is required. To register, call (702) 233-5454.

  • How Portion Size Can Threaten Your Heart Health

    Eating a super-sized meal can give you your money’s worth, but you might be getting more than you bargained for calorie-wise. This video explains why eating more does not equate to eating better.

    Big portion sizes are frequently promoted as more desirable meal options. When you eat an oversized cookie, muffin, or hot dog, though, you likely are consuming far more calories than necessary. As a result, you gain weight and put strain on your cardiovascular system. To keep your heart healthy, be conscientious about your portion size and steer clear of super-sized foods.

    Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center encourages you to pay attention to your diet now so that you can stay healthy later. For more information, call us today at (702) 233-5300.

  • Wish Your Dad Good Health by Encouraging Him to Have These Important Screenings

    Grandfather With Son And Grandson Playing American Football Together

    On Father’s Day, millions of men across the United States received ties, tools, and other presents that while thoughtful, offer no lasting benefit to their wellbeing. If you have a grandfather, father, or husband who you want to celebrate, why not give him a gift that can truly increase his quality of life? Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center provides a range of preventative screenings for men in the greater Las Vegas area. To show your dad just how much he means to you, help him make an appointment for the following tests:

    A colonoscopy is a procedure that determines if polyps are present in the colon. When left undetected or untreated, these polyps can lead to colon cancer. With early intervention, a physician can remove these polyps, significantly lowering a patient’s risk for cancer development. Healthcare experts advise all men age 50 and older to undergo regular colonoscopies to avoid the possibility of colon cancer.

    Prostate Cancer Testing
    Prostate cancer is among the most common cancers found in men. Because this disease is so prevalent, it’s important to have the fathers in your life tested for it—especially if they have a family history of the disease or are of African-American descent. Knowing when it’s appropriate to undergo a prostate cancer screening is a question that men should address with their physician. A man with preexisting risk factors may want to get tested as early as 40 years old. All other men should consider a screening by age 50.

    Blood Pressure Assessment
    High blood pressure can be the catalyst for several serious conditions, including stroke and heart attack. It shows no signs of its presence, however, which is why all adult men should undergo regular testing for it. A blood pressure assessment takes only minutes to conduct, and can help improve the health of the special father in your life.

    To schedule an appointment at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, call (702) 233-5300. We can make sure that the men in your life receive the preventative care they need to enjoy many more Father’s Days. Patients can also view our website to see a full list of services that our Las Vegas heart hospital provides.

  • Fast Facts About Prostate Cancer That Every Man Should Know

    Man Standing Outside In Autumn Landscape

    If you were at risk for a disease that could be easily detected and effectively treated, wouldn’t you do all that you could to protect yourself from it? Prostate cancer affects millions of American men, and Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center wants all male patients to be aware of what they can do to fight this widespread disease. The following facts can help men in the greater Las Vegas area consider their options for the detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

    Prostate cancer typically affects men of advanced age
    Central to being proactive about prostate cancer is knowing when you are at risk. Most men over 50 have a heightened risk. Certain demographics should be mindful of their prostate cancer danger at an earlier age. African-American men typically suffer from prostate cancer far more than men who are Caucasian, Asian, or of another race. Men with fathers or brothers with prostate cancer also have a higher risk for this disease. Both demographics should begin thinking about prostate cancer screenings by age 40 or 45.

    Prostate cancer screenings are essential for early detection
    A prostate cancer screening can provide potentially life-saving information about a patient’s health. All men who fall within the age range for a prostate cancer screening should discuss the frequency with which they should undergo testing. Men with risk factors may want to receive prostate cancer testing more often than those without them.

    da Vinci prostatectomy offers effective treatment for prostate cancer
    In the event that a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, his physician may recommend removal of the prostate gland. Prior to da Vinci robotic surgery, this procedure required a significant incision to the pelvic region and potential side effects to a patient’s erectile and urinary functions. Da Vinci prostatectomy is an innovative way to treat prostate cancer. With minimal incisions and greater surgical precision, prostate cancer patients can receive the care they need with fewer complications.

    Let Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center empower you to be proactive in the fight against prostate cancer. To find out more about this disease and measures to combat it, call our facility at (702) 233-5300. Patients can also visit our website for more information on our da Vinci surgery system services.

  • Hear One Patient’s Experience with the da Vinci Prostatectomy

    Determining your prostate cancer care options might involve deciding which treatment will result in fewer side effects. This video explains why one man chose to undergo a da Vinci prostatectomy.

    When Doug was evaluating his cancer care choices, he weighed the potential outcomes of both surgery and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy could result in radiation exposure to healthy body parts such as the colon and rectum. Traditional surgery might produce incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Then Doug’s urologist recommended da Vinci prostatectomy. This robotically assisted surgical system can deftly remove the prostate gland without traumatizing nearby nerves and blood vessels. Doug underwent the surgery and has suffered no complications from it.

    Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas offers da Vinci prostatectomy for eligible patients. For more information on this cancer care option, call (702) 233-5300.

  • How to Improve Your Health with Better Nutrition

    Healthy Living

    Establishing a healthy diet is an oft-repeated recommendation within the medical community. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center also encourages patients to make better choices about what they eat. Nutrition, or a lack of it, can directly impact a person’s health. Too many calories can contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Empty calories can leave the body starving for vital nutrients. To bolster your health, consider these tips for a more nutritious diet:

    Eat at Home and Cut Down on Calories
    Restaurant portion sizes always seem to be growing. These overwhelming servings do no favors for your waistline, however. Many people still abide by the old adage of cleaning their plates, which when done at a restaurant, might result in consuming many more calories than is healthy. When you eat at home, you have more control over the size of your portions. Smaller portions mean fewer calories and a lower chance of gaining weight.

    Incorporate More Produce and Consume More Nutrients
    Fresh fruits and vegetables are vitamin powerhouses. These foods contain a wide variety of nutrients that bodies need, so try to incorporate more produce into your diet. The next time you serve pasta, add broccoli or squash to it. When preparing lunch, switch out your usual sandwich for a hearty salad filled with your favorite veggies. By including more fruits and vegetables into your diet, you’re giving your body the resources it requires for optimal health.

    Buy Healthy Essentials and Enjoy Balanced Meals
    Eating a consistently healthy diet means planning ahead. It’s easy to reach for unhealthy snacks if those are the only items in your refrigerator or pantry. Nutrition experts recommend stocking up on healthy basics so you always have access to nutritious meals. Frozen vegetables and canned fruits can make eating healthy much easier.

    Would you like to discover more healthy eating tips? Call Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center at (702) 233-5300 to speak with a representative about better dietary habits. Las Vegas residents can also use our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system to learn more about the effects of diet on health.