Why Breastfeeding Is Best for Your Newborn

The first few months of life are a pivotal time for your newborn. To ensure that babies receive the proper nutrition they need for establishing a lifetime of health, healthcare providers recommend that new mothers breastfeed their newborns when possible. If you have a baby on the way, here’s why you should consider breastfeeding.

Mother breastfeeding her baby in the street

Breastfeeding provides essential nutrients

Breast milk contains many vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to be healthy and strong. Researchers have determined that the nutritional benefits offered by breast milk cannot be matched with manufactured formula. Breast milk contains the ideal allotment of proteins, fats, and sugars that babies need during this crucial time of development and growth.

Breastfeeding can ward off disease

Studies have found that breastfeeding can have several long-term benefits for babies as well. Children who are breastfed go on to have a lower occurrence of many illnesses, ranging from asthma to type-II diabetes to leukemia. To lower your child’s risk for these potentially life-threatening diseases, breastfeed when possible.

Breastfeeding boosts your baby’s immune system

Breast milk contains much more than the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. It also has a number of antibodies that can fortify a baby’s immune system. This is important because newborns have weak immune systems and even a mild illness can be very difficult for a newborn to experience.

Breastfeeding is gentle on your baby’s stomach

Formula is created from cow’s milk, which can cause an adverse effect in some babies. In fact, some children are born with allergies to cow’s milk, which is why breast milk is the safer choice for newborns. In addition, breast milk can reduce the risk of other digestive problems such as constipation and gas.

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