What Happens Just After Your Labor and Delivery?

Once you have finally welcomed your baby into the world, the medical staff of the birth center will guide you and your newborn through a series of tests and procedures that ensure a healthy start for your child. Knowing what is happening during this time will help to ease your mind should your baby need to be separated from you after delivery. Here is a look at what you can prepare for once your baby is born.

Newborn Baby

Meet your baby

If your newborn is not crying immediately after exiting the birth canal, gentle stimulation may be used to get your baby to cry within a minute. Because newborn bodies have not fully developed the ability to regulate temperature, your baby will be cleaned right away and wrapped snugly in a blanket. Unless there are serious complications at this time, you will be able to hold your baby briefly and possibly attempt the first feeding.

Let the team take over

The neonatal team at the birth center will need to perform a series of tests to be sure that your baby is responsive and well. Vital signs are assessed through the APGAR scoring system, which most newborns will pass. If your baby does not score highly on this test, intensive care is readily available for the newborn.

Relax in the Maternal Infant Unit

When you deliver at Sunrise Hospital, you will be able to spend time with your baby in one of 43 private rooms at the Maternal Infant Unit. Here, you will have access to breastfeeding and discharge classes as well as newborn care classes and assistance to get you ready to go home with your child.

Explore all the benefits of choosing Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center for your delivery by visiting our website or calling us at (702) 233-5300. Our comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities offer the perfect setting for you to welcome your child to a lifetime of good health.

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