Understanding the Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

The National Brain Tumor Society reports that about 688,000 people are living with brain tumors. Many brain tumors are diagnosed after patients note symptoms that prompt medical imaging to indicate the presence of a tumor, but symptoms can vary significantly and resemble those of other conditions. Still, it is atypical for brain tumors to present absolutely no symptoms, so take a quick look at some of the symptoms more commonly associated with brain tumors.

Tension Headache


Most people associate headaches with brain tumors, but there are many potential causes for recurring headaches that will need to be ruled out. The specific type of pain may be a better indicator of the presence of a brain tumor, so try to document headaches as they occur with a pain diary where you can record the characteristics of the pain you are experiencing.

Changes in mood and behavior

Brain tumor symptoms can vary depending on where the tumor is located. In some cases, the tumor may cause impulsive behavior, depression, or mood swings that are not at all characteristic of a person’s regular personality.

Blurred or hazy vision

If a brain tumor is located in close proximity to the optic nerve, it could lead to changes in vision. While you might see an ophthalmologist to address this issue initially, it is important to mention this symptom to a neurologist if a brain tumor is suspected.

Short-term memory loss

Difficulty recalling recent events or information is common among patients with brain tumors, and this symptom can be worsened by fatigue that results from the tumor.

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