See What Makes the da Vinci System So Safe

While the da Vinci System for robotically assisted surgery may sound like science fiction, it is a modern and readily available system used for a wide range of minimally-invasive procedures. The key benefits of this type of surgery are better patient outcomes, increased surgical accuracy, and lower surgical risks.

In this video, you can get a tour of the da Vinci System, which consists of two primary components. The surgeon remains seated at a control center that operates the arms of the system. Each arm is outfitted with a different surgical tool, and each can move in all directions with incredible dexterity.

Learn more about da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery with Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, Nevada’s leader in this minimally-invasive surgical system. Contact us on our website or call us at (702) 233-5300 for more information about our da Vinci Surgery Program.

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