• Stay Healthy During the Holidays


    The National Cancer Institute explores the treatment options for brain and spinal cord tumors.

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    AmericanPregnancy.org takes a look at the tests performed after your baby is born.

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    FamilyDoctor.org discusses labor induction and cases in which it is necessary.

    When you are in need of a resource for improving your health, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center can provide the education, guidance, and medical care you are looking for. See what we can do for you by visiting our website or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300.

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    Xmas cold

    When you are in need of a resource for improving your health, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center can provide the education, guidance, and medical care you are looking for. See what we can do for you by visiting our website or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300.

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  • Holiday Mishaps that May Result in a Visit to the ER

    Before you and your family get wrapped up in the whimsical festivities of the holidays, there are some health and safety concerns that you should be aware of so that you can enjoy time together at home, not in the emergency room. The ER at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, offering short wait times and accurate care, is available to you if you or a loved one experiences a holiday emergency . We hope that you can steer clear of the following common holiday injuries this year.

    Red traffic light


    Use extra caution when you decorate your home this year, especially when you need to use a ladder to hang lights or put on the tree topper. Always make sure that ladders and step stools are on solid, flat surfaces, and move carefully as you climb and descend the steps.


    Because your home’s kitchen might see some extra traffic this time of year as you prepare your holiday meals, burn safety should be a priority. Encourage your holiday guests to gather away from the kitchen and keep all cooking surfaces clear of clutter. These strategies will reduce the chances for burn injuries resulting from holiday meal preparation .

    Car accidents

    When the roads are crowded with holiday traffic, the likelihood for collision is much higher. Drive carefully this holiday season, and always use a designated driver when you plan on drinking alcoholic beverages at holiday festivities. If you are driving with children in the car, make sure they have age-appropriate seating arrangements. Everyone in the car should be wearing a seatbelt so that injuries are minimal if an accident does occur.

    If you do need emergency care this holiday season, head to Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas any time of the day, any day of the year. We can help you stay health savvy on-the-road too when you download our iTriage Symptom Checker app for smartphones. Learn more on our website or call us at (702) 233-5300.

  • Why Women Need Specialized Healthcare and Screenings

    Common medical conditions, such as stroke and hypothyroidism, present unique symptoms in women. Because the symptoms of these common conditions are different in women than they are in men, female patients may be misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis not only delays proper treatment, but puts these women at risk for serious medical complications and even death.

    In this news clip, you’ll meet Billie-Marie Morrison, a radio DJ and women’s heart health advocate whose symptoms of congestive heart failure were misdiagnosed as pneumonia, bronchitis, and other ailments. Carlos Fonte, MD, from Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center discusses the symptoms that often present in women and why misdiagnosis may occur. Increased awareness of women’s unique symptoms for common and deadly conditions is essential to preventing misdiagnoses in the future.

    At Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center , we strive to eliminate misdiagnoses of this nature by offering health screenings and specialized women’s care. Learn more about what we can do for your health by visiting our website or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300.

  • What Happens Just After Your Labor and Delivery?

    Once you have finally welcomed your baby into the world, the medical staff of the birth center will guide you and your newborn through a series of tests and procedures that ensure a healthy start for your child. Knowing what is happening during this time will help to ease your mind should your baby need to be separated from you after delivery. Here is a look at what you can prepare for once your baby is born.

    Newborn Baby

    Meet your baby

    If your newborn is not crying immediately after exiting the birth canal, gentle stimulation may be used to get your baby to cry within a minute. Because newborn bodies have not fully developed the ability to regulate temperature, your baby will be cleaned right away and wrapped snugly in a blanket. Unless there are serious complications at this time, you will be able to hold your baby briefly and possibly attempt the first feeding.

    Let the team take over

    The neonatal team at the birth center will need to perform a series of tests to be sure that your baby is responsive and well. Vital signs are assessed through the APGAR scoring system, which most newborns will pass. If your baby does not score highly on this test, intensive care is readily available for the newborn.

    Relax in the Maternal Infant Unit

    When you deliver at Sunrise Hospital, you will be able to spend time with your baby in one of 43 private rooms at the Maternal Infant Unit. Here, you will have access to breastfeeding and discharge classes as well as newborn care classes and assistance to get you ready to go home with your child.

    Explore all the benefits of choosing Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center for your delivery by visiting our website or calling us at (702) 233-5300. Our comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities offer the perfect setting for you to welcome your child to a lifetime of good health.

  • Understanding the Symptoms of a Brain Tumor

    The National Brain Tumor Society reports that about 688,000 people are living with brain tumors. Many brain tumors are diagnosed after patients note symptoms that prompt medical imaging to indicate the presence of a tumor, but symptoms can vary significantly and resemble those of other conditions. Still, it is atypical for brain tumors to present absolutely no symptoms, so take a quick look at some of the symptoms more commonly associated with brain tumors.

    Tension Headache


    Most people associate headaches with brain tumors, but there are many potential causes for recurring headaches that will need to be ruled out. The specific type of pain may be a better indicator of the presence of a brain tumor, so try to document headaches as they occur with a pain diary where you can record the characteristics of the pain you are experiencing.

    Changes in mood and behavior

    Brain tumor symptoms can vary depending on where the tumor is located. In some cases, the tumor may cause impulsive behavior, depression, or mood swings that are not at all characteristic of a person’s regular personality.

    Blurred or hazy vision

    If a brain tumor is located in close proximity to the optic nerve, it could lead to changes in vision. While you might see an ophthalmologist to address this issue initially, it is important to mention this symptom to a neurologist if a brain tumor is suspected.

    Short-term memory loss

    Difficulty recalling recent events or information is common among patients with brain tumors, and this symptom can be worsened by fatigue that results from the tumor.

    At the Neurosurgery Department of Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center , we can help you fully understand the symptoms associated with brain tumors and manage them throughout your treatment with advanced Gamma Knife Surgery. Learn more on our website or make an appointment with one of our neurosurgery physicians by calling us at (702) 233-5300.

  • See What Makes the da Vinci System So Safe

    While the da Vinci System for robotically assisted surgery may sound like science fiction, it is a modern and readily available system used for a wide range of minimally-invasive procedures. The key benefits of this type of surgery are better patient outcomes, increased surgical accuracy, and lower surgical risks.

    In this video, you can get a tour of the da Vinci System, which consists of two primary components. The surgeon remains seated at a control center that operates the arms of the system. Each arm is outfitted with a different surgical tool, and each can move in all directions with incredible dexterity.

    Learn more about da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery with Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, Nevada’s leader in this minimally-invasive surgical system. Contact us on our website or call us at (702) 233-5300 for more information about our da Vinci Surgery Program.

  • Taking a Look at the Capabilities of the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

    Surgery is a branch of medicine that continues to evolve, resulting in treatment that is more effective and carries a lower risk. The da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery System is the next step in the development of better surgical techniques, and it facilitates minimally-invasive procedures with a record of over 8000 successful surgeries. Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center is the first to offer this technology over a broad range of medical specialties, and we are proud to discuss the abilities and benefits of this system.

    doctor surgeon man portrait with face mask latex gloves silhouet

    Superior visibility at the surgical site

    All da Vinci Surgeries are performed laparoscopically , meaning that they use a camera to establish a view of the area being operated on. This provides the surgeon with a high-definition view of the surgery that is seen from a screen at the control center where the surgeon is seated.

    Precise movement and surgeon control

    The da Vinci System is controlled by a surgeon who operates the surgical tools with an intuitive system that allows for optimal accuracy in every motion. The arms of the system feature standard surgical tools that can move with more delicacy and precision than any human hand. Together, the surgical arms and the surgeon’s control console create the safest possible surgeries with superior outcomes. It is important to note that the surgical arms cannot be programmed for movements, and they will only operate according to the surgeon’s commands. A second surgeon will be in the operating room during the surgery to view the procedure at the patient’s side.

    Find out more about the da Vinci Surgery Program at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center by contacting us online or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5300. We are committed to investing in the latest medical technologies for our facilities so Las Vegas residents can have a reliable healthcare provider when accuracy and safety matter most.