What You Can Do to Prevent Type-II Diabetes

As obesity rates climb, more cases of type-II diabetes and prediabetes are diagnosed each year. Stopping this trend and getting diabetes under control starts with simple steps that the whole family can take for diabetes prevention. Below is a look at the ways to help you ensure that you can live a life that is free of diabetes.

The doctor takes blood.

Make physical activity a priority

Exercise is essential for good health in people of all ages, because it helps with weight maintenance, circulatory health, and respiratory function. Regular physical activity is critical to diabetes prevention because of its role in weight control, so you should encourage exercise for the whole family. You might make exercise a group activity so the whole household benefits from it.

Have more meals at home

When you are doing the cooking for your family meals, you can control the nutritional value of what you’re eating. The American Diabetes Association has a great collection of wholesome and easy-to-make recipes that are great for a balanced diet for better health.

Schedule regular health check-ups

There are some uncontrollable risk factors for type-II diabetes like family history and ethnicity that make visits to the doctor an important part of diabetes prevention. The doctor can order regular blood tests and monitor any health developments to make sure that your diabetes risk remains as low as possible. The doctor can also offer you personalized guidance for healthier living.

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