Staying Healthy Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Because of advances in breast cancer treatment , the survival rate for this disease has been steadily increasing since 1990. Yet, while cutting-edge treatment is affording women their best possibility yet of beating breast cancer, treatment can still take a physical toll on patients. Both the kinds of treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy, and the frequency of them can contribute to bodily wear and tear. However, you can implement several lifestyle habits that will make your body strong during treatment and allow it to recover more quickly through it.

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Sound Nutrition

Good eating habits are important even when you are healthy, but they become crucial to your wellbeing while undergoing breast cancer treatment. Sound nutrition will supply the energy you need and replenish vitamins and minerals lost to treatment. Though you should consult with your doctor regarding your specific dietary requirements, be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Fitness Regimen

Feeling weak, tired, or nauseated during breast cancer treatment is normal. As a result, it may make you feel less inclined to engage in regular exercise. Yet, for many breast cancer patients, physical activity can be a means to bolster energy reserves and boost the immune system. However, exercise needn’t be rigorous. Even daily 30-minute walks can improve your health. Breast cancer experts recommend that you discuss your fitness regimen with your healthcare team before beginning it, but with your doctor’s approval, maintaining an active lifestyle during breast cancer treatment can translate into numerous health benefits.

Support Network

Your emotional wellbeing can affect your physical health for better and for worse, which is why you should reach out to your friends and family while undergoing treatment. Having a support system to encourage and listen to you during this time can prove essential to your health and ultimate recovery.

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