Preparing for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy as a First-Time Mother

You’ve reached the third trimester of pregnancy! At this point, more than two-thirds of your pregnancy is over, and you are just a few more months away from meeting your brand new son or daughter. No doubt your body has already surprised you by undergoing a myriad of changes during the course of your pregnancy. Now that you are nearing the end of it, you are bound to experience a few more, as the following examples demonstrate.

Sleeping Difficulties

Many women find that sleeping comfortably becomes increasingly difficult in the final months of pregnancy. During the third trimester , sleeping on your stomach or back is not recommended. In particular, sleeping on your back puts increased pressure on the veins in the lower back, which slow blood flow from the lower limbs back to the heart. At this point in your pregnancy, doctors advise that you sleep on your left side to facilitate blood circulation through your body and to your baby.

Pregnant woman

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are bluish, bulging veins that may appear under the skin on your calves or inner legs during your third trimester. While varicose veins are sometimes only an aesthetic concern, they can become painful for pregnant women. If you are experiencing varicose vein discomfort, discuss with your doctor possible pain-relieving treatment methods or medication.

Shortness of Breath

Throughout the course of your pregnancy, your body attempts to make room for your growing baby. However, only so much room can be made. As a result, your expanding uterus may begin to press upon your other organs, including the lungs. Because of this, many women experience breathing difficulties during their final trimester of pregnancy.

Baby Movement

Your baby is growing a little bit bigger as each day of your pregnancy goes by. Yet, it has increasingly little space in which to move; therefore, you may notice decreased motion in the womb. One exception to this circumstance is that the baby will likely begin to turn in the final weeks of your pregnancy in preparation for birth.

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