Life After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis: What Comes Next?

Hearing that you have breast cancer can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. Yet, with the many medical advances that the breast cancer community has seen over the past several decades, more women than ever are surviving this disease and going on to have long and healthy lives. Use this time to lean upon your personal support network, but also take advantage of the expertise and experience of your healthcare team to determine how to beat your breast cancer for good.

Discuss your treatment options.

Your breast cancer treatment plan depends upon several factors, including the location and type of cancer. Once your healthcare team has analyzed these components, they will prescribe treatment that may incorporate a combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapies. However, don’t forget that you play a large role in your treatment plan. Be informed regarding why your breast cancer team believes a certain type of treatment presents the best opportunity for surviving this disease. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and if desired, inquire for a second opinion before beginning treatment.

Breast cancer care

Examine how you can implement lifestyle changes to aid treatment.

No matter what type of breast cancer treatment you undergo, you can aid your treatment plan by engaging in certain lifestyle habits that will both facilitate the effectiveness of your medical care and bolster your ability to recover from some of its debilitating side effects. Discuss with your healthcare team what type of dietary plan you should have, as well as what type of fitness regimen would best suit your capabilities and needs.

Evaluate how treatment will affect other aspects of your life.

Right now, fighting your breast cancer will likely take center stage in your life. However, you will need to consider how to successfully manage your breast cancer treatment while maintaining your personal and professional life. This is where both your healthcare team and support system come into play. Determine with your doctors how to incorporate your treatment plan into your existing schedule; at the same time, talk to your friends, family, and coworkers about how they can help ease your responsibilities so that you can concentrate on getting well.

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