Be Safe This Halloween with These Tips from Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

Halloween is a yearly highlight for many children. Unfortunately, it also ranks among one of the top three holidays for emergency care visits. While scouring the neighborhood for candy is fun for kids and parents alike, spending the night at the ER is not. However, the following guidelines can help you ensure that your child’s night is filled with delicious treats instead of unwelcome tricks.

Halloween candy

Confirm that your child’s costume allows for clear vision and unobstructed walking.

Before heading out on Halloween night, be sure that your child can see clearly from behind his mask or makeup. Considering that many children go trick or treating in the dark, you want to be sure that your child has the best opportunity possible to see what’s around him. Also, double-check that his mask doesn’t have any sharp or pointy parts that could potentially poke him in the eye. Moreover, have your child walk around a bit before heading out into the neighborhood. If he can’t walk comfortably or is confined by his costume, he will suffer a higher risk of falling or tripping while outside.

Don’t let your child run ahead of you or cross the street unsupervised.

Children often become overly eager to get as much candy as possible while trick or treating. Sometimes, this translates into them running ahead of their parents and attempting to cross the street without looking for cars. If their costumes are dark, it may be virtually impossible for drivers to see them before it is too late. To avoid a circumstance such as this, discuss with your child ahead of time the importance of staying by your side while trick or treating.

Inspect your child’s candy before he eats it.

Be sure to remove any choking hazards or partially unwrapped candy from your child’s bag. It is also best to remove any homemade items and fruit. While your child may want to dig right in and begin eating all of his candy, it is best to limit his sugar intake. Try implementing a candy plan, where he is allowed to eat a certain number of pieces each day or week.

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