Common Reasons Patients Consider Inpatient Rehabilitation

Care and Support

After undergoing a surgical procedure, regaining function through rehabilitation can be crucial to your successful recovery. Some hospitals provide inpatient rehabilitation services to their communities to provide a wide range of therapies and services that aid in a patient’s progression to better health. During inpatient rehab, a patient is admitted to the hospital so that different therapies can work together to create a formal plan for rehabilitation. Keep reading to learn the common reasons patients seek out inpatient rehab programs:

  • Extensive emotional and physical support
    Whether a patient suffers from a stroke, car accident, or any other traumatic medical event, inpatient rehabilitation offers them physical and emotional support from a team of compassionate specialists around the clock. The purpose of inpatient rehab is to help each patient to rebuild their health, skills, and confidence to get back on track with their daily activities.
  • Continuity of care
    Those who have undergone surgery for a complicated medical issue can benefit from staying in the same facility for their inpatient rehabilitation. Patients have access to familiar physicians, emergency services if needed, cutting-edge imaging equipment , and all other capabilities of the inpatient hospital. 
  • Care from a multi-disciplinary team
    Instead of focusing only on one area of therapy, inpatient rehab gives patients access to an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of healthcare providers. These different physicians and therapists communicate with each other during each patient’s recovery process and formulate a personalized treatment plan based on their needs. This strategy allows for a much more effective and comprehensive recovery plan. 

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center is proud to offer our community the only inpatient rehabilitation facility in Clark County to be accredited by CARF as providing the highest quality of rehab care. For more information about our program and other inpatient services, contact us at (702) 233-5300 today.   

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