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Are you suffering from a non-healing wound? How can you reduce your risk of breast cancer? If you’re interested in more information on Graves’ disease, wound healing techniques, breast cancer, or the benefits of physical therapy, then check out these great online resources.

  • Learn more about Graves’ disease with this overview from the National Graves’ Disease Foundation.
  • Make sure you can recognize the common signs of Graves’ disease with this link from thyroid.org.
  • How can the RESTORE Wound Program help you with a non-healing wound? Find out with this flyer from Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.
  • What is wound dehiscence ? Find out with this health content article.
  • Visit this link from cancer.org for statistics on breast cancer cases.
  • This article from cancercare.org discusses the advances in breast cancer treatments.
  • Do you know how to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer ? Make sure you’re educated with this health content article from Sunrise Hospital.
  • Learn how rehabilitation can benefit stroke patients with this SHMC health content article.
  • Check out this link from stroke.org for more information on the benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation for stroke patients.
  • Visit this SHMC health content article for more information on how physical therapy can help manage chronic back pain.

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