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Are you looking for a top ranked emergency care center? Why do heart attacks and strokes require immediate treatment? If you’re interested in more information on the emergency are facilities in Nevada, immediate care services for stroke and heart attack patients, or how to determine if you’re suffering from a sleep disorder, then check out some of these great resources.

  • This article from usnews.com provides an overview on this year’s number one ranked emergency facility in Nevada: Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.
  • What services do urgent care facilities typically offer? Find out with this link from the Urgent Care Association of America .
  • Check out this article from viewnews.com for more information on Sunrise Hospital’s Nevada Neurosciences Institute and the ways they strive to combat epilepsy.
  • Do you know how to recognize a medical emergency ? Make sure you can identify the symptoms with this overview from emergencycareforyou.org.
  • Learn more about stroke and heart attack statistics with this excerpt from the Journal for the American Heart Association .
  • This link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses statistics regarding heart attacks .
  • Make sure you know how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack with this mayoclinic.com article.
  • What is an angioplasty? Find out with this overview from angioplasty.org.
  • If you’re suffering from a sleep disorder, then you’re not alone. Learn more about the prevalence of sleep disorders with this overview from wrongdiagnosis.com.
  • Learn more about the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders with this helpguide.org overview.

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